• Messages From a Client's Higher Self on Ascension, Meditation, & the True Essence of a Soul

    Meditation, it has, it is sometimes a word that has so many meanings. So many “oh you must do it this way” or “you must do it that way.” It has become complicated. It is, it is not complicated to just take a moment and to allow yourself to be part of All That Is. To be the All That Is, to allow the All That Is, to reside in the All That Is. If there is no separation, there is no need, there is no, there is nothing but love, and peace, and joy. And that is where we all are moving towards, for all that choose it. It is a choice. It is not an inevitability. Each person has their own way to move into that. It’s not hard. This requires intent and surrender. Have fun with it.
  • Read This Before Your Next Healing Session

    Be really selective with who you allow to conduct energy work on you.

    If that healer operates from ‘service-to-self,’ does not shield themselves with LoveLight, then whatever is inside of them (negative energies of any kind including entities) can easily be transferred to you...

  • Angelic Connections

    Our connection with the Angelics can be looked at like it's simply us connecting with other multidimensional aspects of our own organic soul, since we are fractals of Angels. My own connection with this beautiful and infinitely loving realm of beings has changed my life immensely. I talk with them all day, and so can you, if you would like! They assist me with all that I need help with. They are able to aid me with self-healing things that other beings cannot simply because they are that powerful in their Love.