Angelic Connections

In the past, I didn't like Angels. Even the word 'angels' was triggering for me. Part of my human back story is that I grew up in a super Christian religious household, going to Bible studies and youth group things, going to church regularly. I don't remember hearing much about Angels. Maybe I had heard of  the name 'Archangel Michael,' or the story of 'Lucifer' being a 'fallen angel.' Which I now know in my heart is false light programming, as AA Lucifer is actually AA Haylel, a beautiful fractal of the Divine Father, who has the biggest heart in the Universe.

By the time I was grown and finding myself, I had tossed out anything that had to do remotely with Christianity. I remember having a conversation with a friend about how 'angels don't really resonate with me.'

But the thing about it was... I NEVER ONCE ACTUALLY CONNECTED WITH ANGELS PERSONALLY. I never called on them, as religion steered us away from that because you were supposed to only talk to God/Jesus. I didn't even have a clue that there were Angels that were feminine. I didn't have a personal relationship with the Angelics.

Fast forward to last year, I began to practice channeling, safely surrounded by protection of my own Love-Light, as taught by Rising Phoenix Aurora. I began to actually connect with the Angelic beings themselves and feel their beautiful, pure, high vibrational Love frequencies for myself, guided by my heart. The thing is, at some point, we are all fractals of the Angelics, as they are the first fractals of God/Source/Love/Creator. We are Angelic, pieces of them, incarnated in our human vessels.

The spiritual community is infiltrated. There is false light information saying that the Angels are bad/negative, and that they are what has been holding us in this inverted false matrix of control here. This could not be further than the truth. Angels are not bad or negative. If someone is talking about a malevolent being or collective, then they are not talking about Angels. This is because by definition, Angels are purely benevolent beings. Do you understand? False Light entities can POSE as Angels and can try to trick us into believing that Angels are malevolent and controlling. Reason number infinity why it is so important to shield ourselves with our own Love-Light from our heart so that when we hear false light information like this or encounter a false light entity posing as an Angel, we cannot be tricked. Our discernment will be coming from heart rather than mind. The mind can easily be manipulated and tricked. The heart cannot be lied to. We can easily feel what truth/love feels like from within our hearts.

Our connection with the Angelics can be looked at like it's simply us connecting with other multidimensional aspects of our own organic soul, since we are fractals of Angels. My own connection with this beautiful and infinitely loving realm of beings has changed my life immensely. I talk with them all day, and so can you, if you would like! They assist me with all that I need help with. They are able to aid me with self-healing things that other beings cannot simply because they are that powerful in their Love.

We invite you to 'not consent' to the false, inverted, negative programming that has been strategically placed upon Angels. Renouncing the Angelics is basically renouncing a piece of our self. They are always supporting us, loving us, all around us. Angels are benevolent, so they will not infringe upon our free will and force one to talk to them, or manipulate. If you would like to connect with them, you will have to make the first move and call upon them.

You are an infinite being of Love. Reclaim yourself. Remember who you are. Thank you for following your heart.

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