Messages From a Client's Higher Self on Ascension, Meditation, & the True Essence of a Soul

Shared below is a transcript excerpt from a recent AURA hypnosis healing session, where the client's Higher Self is sharing beautiful messages about meditation, the true essence of a soul, and more.

To view more of her session, watch this video click here 'What's it like to become a star?'. Journey with us as she remembers her soul’s memories as a Sasquatch, becoming one with the stars, and more. Her Higher Self self-heals her during the in-depth body scan with the aid of the Archangels, completely clears childhood trauma of sexual abuse, heals past-lives, removal of Reptilian consciousness/entities, heals DNA, and more. The Higher Self shares beautiful messages about meditation, ascension, oneness, and more.

Enjoy these activating messages, helping us to remember who we are. Remembering our connection is as simple as breathing. We already have the memories within us.


Client’s Higher Self: Stay intuitively connected. That is everything for her. Continue to expand her internal guidance system, her intuition, her connection. Do not be afraid. There is nothing there to be afraid of, and we are moving into a time where that will be so much easier on this planet. As well as all the work she has just done and throughout her life. It’s now time to yet again remember the stars and the life as a Sasquatch when she was very much, she was connected to the everything in a way that has eluded her now. She’s had glimpses of it. And so that life was to remind her of what it is to be a soul, you know, a starseed. All are connected in the way that she was in that life. We have been, she has been hijacked without knowing. So it would be, the reminder will help her with that. It will be a deep, DNA reminder for her. It’s part of the essence of all of the souls, but her soul as well. It’s important for every soul now to reconnect with the essence of what a soul is. A soul is not separate from anything. It is harder in this illusion, in this false reality. It requires more work.

A: Do you have any suggestions for her or others in order to remember that connection even when it's so hard here in the 3D when there is all the, you know, hijacking?

Higher Self: It is said that meditation is definitely something that is good. However, you can just in a moment, be connected. It’s good to practice connection in a way that is, as the life that was shown to her, you know, in your heart you take a moment of allowing that in and allowing that out. It’s like breathing. When we breathe and we don’t remember necessarily how we breathe. When she broke her leg, she had to learn how to walk again, but the memories were there. And she will remember what it is to be connected and allowing herself time to go to the connection, to expand into the connection. Meditation, it has, it is sometimes a word that has so many meanings. So many “oh you must do it this way” or “you must do it that way.” It has become complicated. It is, it is not complicated to just take a moment and to allow yourself to be part of All That Is. To be the All That Is, to allow the All That Is, to reside in the All That Is. If there is no separation, there is no need, there is no, there is nothing but love, and peace, and joy. And that is where we all are moving towards, for all that choose it. It is a choice. It is not an inevitability. Each person has their own way to move into that. It’s not hard. This requires intent and surrender. Have fun with it.

A: The transmission that you’re giving about how we should just remember who we are, and remember that we’re not separate, and that it’s, you said, I think you said it was as simple as breathing.

Higher Self:  It’s been made complicated because we have forces against us to be able to be something that is so natural. To live in a way that is the truth of who we are. This way we’ve been forced to live, that is not the way of the soul That is not the truth. That is not how we were meant to live and coexist amongst each other. We were meant to, as you and Aurora say, we were meant to live a life that is about trust, love, honor, and respect. First and foremost. And if that is always what we keep in our heart: I love you, I honor you, I respect you, and it is the essence, if we are coming from the essence of our being, which is who we are, then everything comes from that. And that is what has been hijacked from us, kept hidden in a way, from us. And it is now being dismantled.

A: Yes.

Higher Self:  And again, you must choose it. You must choose it. It doesn’t, we’re not assured to move into the higher dimensions, it’s a choosing to reside from the depths of your soul. It is what we all want anyway. It’s what we yearn for.


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