Read This Before Your Next Healing Session

Be really selective with who you allow to conduct energy work on you.

If that healer operates from ‘service-to-self,’ does not shield themselves with LoveLight, then whatever is inside of them, can easily be transferred to you.

When we receive energy work, typically we are very relaxed, and surrender, letting our guards down completely. Often, we enter the theta brainwave (that brainwave when you’re about to fall asleep, driving home on autopilot, etc). This is a very sacred space to allow someone in! Only a healer holding a space of infinite love should be able to have access to this place. And truly, it is your own higher self who is healing you. Not the healer themselves. When a healer says it’s them that is doing it for you, that’s a red flag right there.

A soul is SACRED. This work is SACRED. Holding space for another being to heal themselves is one of the most sacred honors to hold.

The infiltration of the spiritual community has *on purpose* made it seem like going to get reiki from someone is like playfully stopping at a mall to shop. Or like going to the movies with your friends. Not a big deal. That’s what we’re trying to say. We’re inviting you to think of yourself your beautiful soul, your energy body as what it truly truly is... sacred.

We live in the 3D right now. There ARE negative entities here. To think they are not is to be tricked by negative energies and beings themselves. When a service-to-self ‘healer’ does energy work on you, it is like a literal wide open gateway for entities, and whoever that healer is channeling their energies from or infiltrated by. Whether they are compromised by negative entities, negative Reptilian consciousness integrated into their DNA, archons... Because you are in a wide open state consenting to receive, they and whatever is infringing on THEM, can easily attach negative implants, dark portals, negative entities, archons, dark cords, negative dark false soul fractals into you, etc. This is really important. We see this repercussion all the time in AURA Sessions where the client’s Higher Self is scanning the body and identifying the root cause of and what infringements are within the body, and clearing them.
As always now... bringing it back to the heart. Your heart will never astray you. Your heart is like your own personal lie detector test. You will be able to feel in your heart if this healer is service to self, too much in their ego, not shielding. You might not even be able to explain why you have an icky feeling about them. That’s okay. You don’t have to know. Just honor your heart, honor your intuition, honor the messages your higher self is trying to give to you. Treat yourself as sacred. For you are sacred.

We have to stop giving our power away now to other people to heal us, and do it all for us. They cannot. Only you only your Higher Self can go in and heal you. Remember that. You are infinitely powerful as your source is of Love. Nothing is more powerful than Love.

None of this post is ‘fear-based.’ It is based in AWARENESS. If we can be aware of the truths of what are going on in the false matrix in the 3D, then we can be fast to identify it in the future, we can protect our selves as souls, our children, our loved ones. We TAKE OUR POWER BACK, remembering how sovereign we are. Remember who you are. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🔱🐉


Astara is a Lovelight warrior, alchemist, AURA hypnosis and RAAH reiki practitioner, as well as a clear channel, Akashic reader, and jewelry creator. You can learn more about and book a session with her on her website or shop handmade crystal jewelry here. Subscribe to Earth Astara YouTube channel where you will find free guided meditations, channeled messages from benevolent beings of the RA Collective, sound healing meditations, and more.