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Full Moon
Sound Bath Journey
(( Hagerstown, MD ))

Join us in sacred space during the full moon to experience an immersion of healing sound. Enjoy a meditative, relaxing sound bath journey with crystal singing bowls, drumming, Native American flutes, intuitive singing, and other beautiful sound healing instruments. A sound bath is like a vibrational massage for the body, mind, and spirit.

Tuesday, November 28

6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

at Peace Circle Holistic Wellness LLC

38 S. Potomac Street Suite, Hagerstown, MD
Studio 205 & 206
(you can access the building from the 3rd floor of the

parking garage behind the Bulls & Bears restaurant)

Please consider arriving a little early (5-15 minutes) to settle in and get comfortable. Thank you!


What To Bring:

-Yourself, as you are.

-There are some yoga mats and blankets in the space available for use, but feel free to bring whatever would make you feel comfortable as we relax and receive sound healing. An eye mask, pillow, extra blanket, etc.


-Journal and pen, if you'd like.

-Consider bringing an item you would like charged with your intentions and healing energy from the evening. This can also be an offering to give back to the Earth (a few examples: a flower, bowl of water, crystal).

$25 Ticket. Cash at the door or PayPal/Venmo accepted.  If you would like to pay with cash, please email me at to reserve your spot! Thank you!

PayPal: or click link here

Venmo: @sabrina-madsen       --> (picture of me surrounded by yellow flowers)

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