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custom jewelry form - Many times I have made intuitive jewelry for folks - 'higher self jewelry'

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custom art form (at times I offer custom paintings-- save this as angelic energy paintings)

Little bit about the artist/creatrix.

20+ years

A creative at heart. I find jewelry a means to express subtle energy.??? angels. grounded.

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What jewelry means to me

This below came from the other shop page I had started:

Here you will find handmade jewelry, our apothecary, and other creations. Always made in Love & Sacredness.Inside the apothecary you will find elemental plant medicines created in love, respect, and sacredness. We offer flower & gem essences, elixirs, tinctures, teas, bath salts, yoni steams, and body oils. Each creation is blessed and charged with specific sound frequencies, prayers, intentions, and healing energy. They are as loving, living allies. I use organic and natural ingredients, and many of these plants are grown in my own beloved gardens.I have been making jewelry for the last 20+ years and absolutely love it. I use high quality materials and every piece is handmade. Sometimes I see the piece in dreamtime first.


All I have to do is take this necklace out of its box to immediately feel the activation of my heart and crown chakras. It is beautifully evident how much care and loving intent was put into its creation, from the high vibration of the crystal, to the intricate and masterful details of the wiring, to the lovely herbally perfumed packaging. I felt more connected to my angel guides the moment I put it on for the first time, as I had been struggling with the clasp but was able to fit it in effortlessly the moment I asked for my hands to be guided to do so. I feel such gratitude that I was guided to make this purchase"

-Emily JOnes


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