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Guided Energy Healing
Sound Bath
(( Charles Town, WV ))

Join us in sacred space to heal, clear & release energy, ground, embody more of your truth, and connect with your heart. Be guided via meditation and visualization to self-heal your body, mind, and spirit. Each energy healing will work with different healing guides or archetypes such as different loving Plant spirits, Flowers, Trees, Animals, universal cosmic energy, Mother Earth, universal Love, and more. No energy work experience or reiki attunements are required; everyone is capable of learning these techniques and everyone has inside the innate ability to self-heal.


Sound healing is also woven into our time together; immerse in the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, drumming, Native American flutes, chimes, and other beautiful instruments. Sound healing is like a vibrational massage for the body, mind, and spirit. There will be optional time at the end to share and connect with like-hearted community.​

Friday, April 12

7:30 - 9:00 pm

at Double Iris Yoga & Massage

(( Charles Town location ))

What To Bring:

-Yourself, as you are.

-There are some yoga mats and blankets in the space available for use, but feel free to bring whatever would make you feel comfortable as we relax and tune in. There are also some chairs available as well.


-Journal and pen if you'd like.

-Consider bringing an item you would like charged with your intentions and healing energy from the evening. This can also be an offering to give back to the Earth (a few examples: a flower, bowl of water, crystal).

$30 Ticket. Register here through the Double Iris studio website, or cash at the door accepted.

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