Meet Sabrina

Sabrina in a persian silk tree flowers

My name is Sabrina Madsen and I am an intuitive energy worker, clear conduit, and activator.

From a very young age, I felt deeply connected to spirit and remember having my extrasensory abilities turned on and wide open. By the time I got older, this was too much to handle so to cope, I shut down. Becoming numb, depressed, and disassociated, my physical health eventually declined and I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Thankfully, there was always a divine plan!

More than 10 years ago now, I was guided on this path to heal myself by reconnecting with and training my intuitive gifts, working with alternative medicine, energy healing modalities, food as medicine, and coming back home to myself. Now I am so passionate about helping other people to connect with their own intuition and embody their true essence. I believe that each of us carry our own answers within and have an innate ability to self-heal.

In private sessions and group containers together, my role is to guide and hold space for you to return home to your own Truth.

May we all continue to become whole, bloom in love, and remember who we are.