Meet Astara

~ I AM ~ 

I am Astara, Lovelight warrior alchemist.

Thank you for following your heart here to mine. It is an honor to be offer these healing modalities and services at this time.

What a potent time to be awake and alive in the Universe now. We have more access to our multidimensional selves, our abilities--which we all have inside of us innately waiting to be awakened if not already, our soul's blueprints, our memories... more of who we really are, so that we may walk our most organic timelines.

It is time for us to remember who we truly are as the gifts and beauties of Creation that we are. Each and every one of us. If you have followed your heart to this page, it is by no accident.

Self-healing is accessible for all who choose it and believe in themselves. We are able to do this as we are sovereign, empowered, creator beings, who's origin essence is Source Love Light.

Infinity of possibilities await for those who choose it. We are able to self-heal through our meditations, dreamtime, being in nature, visiting lands sacred to our soul, awakening our soul's memories and gifts, during a session with a practitioner who is holding a space for them of infinite Love, and infinitely more.

I believe in you and your ability to heal yourself. When you are faced with a challenge or obstacle, it is because your soul has the tools already inside of you to heal it and transform. Like the most beautiful butterfly.

Remember who you are.

When we awaken and activate our Hearts, we remember who we truly are, and realize that we are unstoppable, limitless, infinite, and sovereign. We embody our Higher Selves.

A.U.R.A. Hypnosis is a leading-edge self-healing modality that we in creation are blessed with it's potency at this time. Founded by Rising Phoenix Aurora, this modality utilizes the theta brainwave and sacred angelic energy work for you as your Higher Self to go in and heal yourself. Clearing away artificial, anything inorganic to your soul, and guiding you, aiding you to further remember who you are. Receive deep answers and clarity as to, for example, why you have manifested illnesses, what is your life purpose, remembering your star ancestry, how you can create abundance in your life, visit past-lives understand and heal your relationships, heal trauma, regain memories, and infinitely more...

The process we go through as a soul when we incarnate on Earth... We forget who we are, as we have to digress through the dimensions in order to be in a physical body within the 3D to have this human experience. Modern society has been intentionally set up in ways to keep us stuck in the false matrix, not ascending, not breaking cycles of trauma, pain, and disempowerment. This is done through various methods that we already know about, such as our foods sprayed with chemicals, programming and subliminal messaging through the media, keeping us addicted to pharmaceutical medication, hooking us onto our technologies, telling us our imagination is us making things up so that we forget we are creator beings, and all the other ways we already know.

We are always infinitely connected to our Higher Selves. We ARE our Higher Self. This connection can become clouded or blocked from within the false inverted A.I. matrix, though we are never truly separate. All of us have a team of benevolent guides always with us, watching over us. Sometimes we are not able to hear them because perhaps our frequency is in fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, mistrust. They are vibrating in the frequency of unconditional, infinite love for us. We are never truly alone.

When we have a strong, clear connection to our Higher Self, we remember that all of the answers already exist within us, and we can access our own inner knowing at any time. We are empowered because we finally stop looking for those answers outside of us. When we are sovereign, no one and no thing can take that connection and inner knowing away from us. We do not consent to infringements upon our energies in any form.

It is an honor to offer these services for those who feel the call from deep within their soul. In our sessions together, I hold a vision of you as the one who is empowered, sovereign, already healed, you as your Higher Self. In this manner, I hold space in infinite love for you to heal yourself.

We offer A.U.R.A. Hypnosis healing, R.A.A.H. Reiki, as well as Akashic readings, reiki infused crystal jewelry, sound alchemy healing, at times group guided meditations, and more. I continue to work within myself in my own self-healing, guided by my Higher Self and beautiful benevolent team of guides. I operate within sacred forcefields of my own I AM Source LoveLight energies from my heart to ensure that I am a clear channel.

I believe in you. Your essence is Infinite Love. Nothing in the Universe is more powerful than Infinite Love.


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(Photo by @lightrealmphotos Eyoälha Baker)

You can find our heart-centered services listed here and our reiki infused alchemized jewelry here. Custom, channeled jewelry unique to your soul is found here. Subscribe to Earth Astara YouTube channel here, where you will find free guided meditations, channeled messages, sound healing, and more.

-Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (R.A.A.H.)
-Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy Hypnosis (A.U.R.A.)
-Quantum Alchemy Channeling
-Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing
-Usui Reiki Shihan Master Teacher 4th Degree
-Quantum Galactic Akashic Alchemy 


(Photo: Receiving my certificate with A.U.R.A. & R.A.A.H. founder, Rising Phoenix Aurora)

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(Photos by @lightrealmphotos Eyoälha Baker)

For legal purposes: Astara is not a licensed medical physician. See doctor for medical advice.