Custom Jewelry


Alchemized and activated.
High quality, genuine crystals and metals.

I always ask you what kind of metal you would like, any ideas you might have for the piece, and what your ideal price point is. I usually create with solid gold, gold filled, rose gold, or sterling silver. If you have an intention for your piece, I'd love to co-channel it into the jewelry. One of my favorite types of jewelry to create are the ones where I get to tune in and ask your higher self what stones and design would best suit the highest good, and then channel it. The pieces are always unique. I love to make necklaces, anklets, head/third eye pieces, earrings, bracelets, and am open to making body pieces.

I truly love to create jewelry and have ever since I was a child. I see a lot of the jewelry first in dreams or in visions. I have always inspired by Sailor Moon, 'fantasy' realms like elves, fairies, dragons, and of course the cosmos and other planets/stars, ancient civilizations, mama ocean, and ancient Lemuria & Atlantis. I have a strong connection to the devic, plant, and elemental realms and I find it comes through the energy of my work.

Thank you for existing and being you. You are here on this planet for a very special reason, and it is an honor to make jewelry for you.


For custom jewelry inquiries, please email:


Examples of past pieces:

 solid gold

Above necklace: Solid 14k gold + dendritic opal + double terminated Herkimer diamonds

custom necklace

Above: Ethiopian opals + clear quartz + Herkimer diamond + gold

custom jewelry

Earrings: Zambian emerald + Herkimer diamonds + 14k gold filled
Necklace: Solid 14k gold + Mexican Fire Opal
Necklace: Rose Quartz + pink kunzite + amethyst + 14k gold filled

lemuria necklace

Above: Larimar + rainbow moonstone + pink morganite + 14k gold