Channeled 'Higher Self' Jewelry


Always infused with reiki love-light and alchemized. High quality. Handmade.
Jewelry that works in a beautiful synergy with your unique essence.


Channeled unique 'Higher Self' jewelry is available upon request through email:


Choose what material you would like ~ silver, gold filled, solid gold, or rose gold. I will talk with your Higher Self and channel the very piece that they design. If you feel guided to let me know what colors you are drawn to, stones or crystals, chakras, or even intentions you have for this piece, you can let me know. Otherwise, it is not necessary, as your piece will be created from and within the most infinite waves of love.

For USA orders, your custom piece will ship with Priority Mail and comes with tracking and insurance. For international orders, you have an option at checkout for what type of shipping you would like.

To view examples of our jewelry, click here.

It is a great honor and love to humbly channel 'Higher Self' jewelry for you. May your piece aid the highest organic timelines of infinite love.