Frequently Asked Questions


What is sacred adornment?
Sacred adornment is the act of adorning your body temple. It can be utilized for energetic attunement. The next time you put on a piece of jewelry, try setting an intention. It activates and anchors a frequency in your energy field.

Is the jewelry cleansed?
Yes, all of the jewelry is energetically cleansed before and after it is created. Before I send it off to you, it is charged with reiki and prayer for the highest good and purest love. I invite you to make it your own once you get your jewelry. Charge it energetically as needed. Follow your intuition. I invite you to infuse it with your own loving intentions.

Is the jewelry handmade?
Yes! Lovingly so, by these two hands.

How to care for the jewelry?
Please do not wear it in the shower, while swimming, or sleeping. For energetic care, please follow your intuition. Some jewelry/stones like to be charged and cleansed with plants, sacred smoke, moon or sun light (research first: some types of stones will fade in the sun light), on the Earth, your loving intentions, and more.

How do you ship the jewelry?
For USA orders, jewelry will ship with USPS Priority Mail and comes with a tracking number and insurance. For international orders, you are able to choose what kind of shipping you would like at checkout. I try to recycle packaging material and use compostable materials when possible.

What kinds of jewelry do you create?
I love to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, body jewelry, and head / 'third eye' pieces. I also make simple rings at times.
Do you offer custom jewelry?
Yes! I love to make custom jewelry for folks. To inquire and set up your special piece, please email me at

Can you repair a piece of jewelry for me?
If your piece from me should require repair, please email me at See care tips in one of the questions above to avoid a need for repair.
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What are flower and gem essences?
Flower and gem essences are vibrational remedies, meaning that they affect the subtle bodies. They support emotional well being, soul development, and mind-body-spirit harmony. Our flower and gem essences are always made with respect, with permission from the spirit of the beings themselves. Most of the flowers are from my own sacred garden.

How do I use flower / gem essences?
There are endless ways to use flower / gem essences. I invite you to follow your intuition. Traditional use is to add 1-4 drops to your water and drink throughout the day. Other ideas include adding them to your lotions, perfume, body care products, tea, bath, candle dressing, altar work, anointing, EFT, body work, plant food, oils, and so much more.

Are you able to make me a flower / gem essence without alcohol in it?
Yes. The alcohol is in the flower essence to preserve it. I can absolutely substitute it with vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar. Please send me an email at to request, or add it to the order notes at checkout.

I thought you had CBD infused bath salts available at one point? Are those still available?
Email me to inquire at

Healing Sessions & Services

I'm feeling the call to book a session with you, but am not totally sure which type of healing session to book for me?
I am happy to connect with you and talk during a free consultation call! Book a call at the link here.

Do you offer refunds for services?
No, I do not.

Do you offer private soundbaths?