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Plant Spirit Healing
+ Sound Bath
{{ Online via Zoom }}

Be guided within on a spirit journey to meet and connect with loving plant spirits via mediation and visualization. This intuitive journey will be accompanied by drumming. After this journey, experience a relaxing sound bath. Each group plant spirit healing + sound bath is different, depending on the energies and which plants want to come through. There will be opportunities to share on camera with community. This is a safe, sacred space.


8 pm EST // 5 pm PST

Offered online via Zoom, 1.5-2 hours

Join us in sacred space to heal, clear & release energy, ground, and embody more of your True self.

Be guided via meditation and visualization to self-heal your body, mind, and spirit. Each energy healing can work with different healing guides or archetypes such as different loving Plant spirits, Flowers, Trees, Animals, celestial bodies, Mother Earth, and more. No energy work experience or reiki attunements are required; everyone is capable of learning these techniques and everyone has inside the innate ability to self-heal.


Sound healing is also woven into our time together; immerse in the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, drumming, Native American flutes, chimes, and other beautiful instruments. Sound healing is like a vibrational massage for the body, mind, and spirit. There will be optional time at the end to share and connect with like-minded community.​

How to Prepare:

-Yourself, as you are.

-There are some yoga mats and blankets in the space available for use, but feel free to bring whatever would make you feel comfortable as we relax and tune in. There are also some chairs available as well.


-You may like to utilize headphones or a speaker for this experience.

-Journal and pen if you'd like.

-Consider bringing an item you would like charged with your intentions and healing energy from the evening. This can also be an offering to give back to the Earth (a few examples: a flower, bowl of water, crystal).

Tickets are sliding scale $22 - $44 donation.

Please include your email address with your payment so that I can send you our Zoom link and any details.


Venmo: @sabrina-madsen (picture of me surrounded by yellow flowers)

Why plant spirits? What is plant spirit healing?

  • Plants are highly intelligent, intuitive, multidimensional, and powerful beings. Everything has consciousness, including plants, trees, and flowers. This is something many of us in the modern world have forgotten; indigenous cultures all around the world now and throughout ancient times, hold and have held strong recognition, honor, respect, understanding, and love with the natural world, and thus each living being and element as a fellow Spirit, a family member.

  • The way I experience their healing is through resonance. An example of resonance is when there are two guitars in the same room: someone strikes a string on one guitar, and the same string on the other guitar sitting untouched across the room begins to vibrate or resonate. The plant spirit vibrates at their specific frequency, divine blueprint, or archetypal energy, and in a way, they hold space for us to resonate with that frequency within.

  • Plant spirits have a direct, pure, unbroken, never-distorted, clear line to divine energy, Great Spirit, Source, God, the oneness, the presence, etc, whatever word that you like to call it.

What can I experience during this session?

  • Aura healing & repair

  • Release stuck energy

  • Clear and transform blocks

  • Receive spiritual guidance / insights

  • Feel centered and grounded

  • Spiritual / Nature connection & relationships

  • Relaxation and rejuvenation

  • Be empowered

  • Benefits can similar to an Energy Healing session

  • All the healing benefits of a sound bath (more information below)


This intuitive journey will be accompanied by drumming. The sacred drum is said to be the first instrument and holds much symbolism. People all around the world have worked with the drum to shift consciousness, and to travel spiritually-- the rhythm of the drum balances the left & right hemispheres of our brains and helps us to drop into the deeper theta brainwave, the liminal 'in-between' or meditative brainwave state. From this state, it is much easier to connect and access information. There is something so deeply human and ancient about listening to the beat of a drum.


After the journey, I will play other beautiful sound healing instruments for you to relax and enjoy, such as crystal singing bowls, Native American flute, chimes, and others.

Why sound healing?

Sound in itself has many healing benefits. Sound healing is like a vibrational massage for the body, mind, and spirit. The sound vibrations move throughout your body on a deep, cellular level, breaking up stagnation and toxins. These pure tonal frequencies resonate in our bodies, encouraging balance, healing, and harmony. Sound as medicine has been used in ancient cultures all around the world, and has a long list of benefits, some of which include stress reduction, boost immune system function, relieve tension and anxiety, balance emotions, and promote relaxation and overall well-being.


What can I experience during a sound bath?

Folks have reported:


-receive intuitive guidance / spiritual insights

-relieve physical pain, anxiety, & depression

-relieve brain fog


-feel centered/grounded

-balance emotions

-clear mind

-release baggage

-dreamtime-like state of being / spiritual visions

-and so much more!


Online via Zoom.

You may like to utilize headphones or a speaker for this experience.

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