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Past-Life Regression & Quantum Healing
((Frederick, MD))

Join us in sacred space to experience a guided meditative journey & beautiful healing sound bath to visit a past or future life and quantum heal yourself. Every step of the way you will be supported, guided, and safely protected as you explore the past life that your own higher self chooses to show you. My intention is to hold space as a clear channel for you to connect with the life that has the most meaning and significance for you now, and is in resonance with the highest love and purest light.


You carry all of your own answers within you and have a natural ability to heal yourself.

What is your intention? Write it down.

A wonderful intention can simply be "show me what I need to know for my highest good at this time."


Below is a list of common reasons for why one would want to experience past-life regression quantum healing:

  • Health- to learn the root cause of an illness or health issue and transform it

  • Understand the root causes of physical illness & dis-ease

  • Heal trauma from this life and others

  • Heal ancestral issues

  • Understand relationships

  • Life Path- often related to career, creating abundance, purpose

  • Energy healing. Sometimes we carry wounds or blocks from past-lives.

  • Expand spiritual gifts

  • Receive clarity on life purpose. Why are you here?

  • Feel grounded & centered

  • Soul retrieval

  • Deepen connection with higher self / loving guides

Saturday, January 14

4 - 6 pm

at Yogamour in Frederick, MD

***Please pre-register online, following the instructions on the Yogamour website linked here. Spaces will fill up quickly!

This is a shortened yet potent, group version of the private past-life regression healing sessions that I offer.

What to bring:

-Yourself, as you are.

-There are some yoga mats and blankets in the space available for use, but feel free to bring whatever would make you feel comfortable as we tune in for a guided journey. Eye mask, etc.


-Journal and pen

Note: It is recommended to not be too full or too hungry before we start. I recommend eating a light meal beforehand and/or bring a light snack.

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