Chamomile Flower Essence

Chamomile Flower Essence

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"Positive qualities: Serene, sun-like disposition, emotional balance
Patterns of Imbalance: 
Easily upset, moody and irritable, inability to release emotional tension

When we say that someone has a sunny disposition, we inherently recognize that such a soul has a harmonious emotional life. Like the sun which shines with constancy for all to see, so the soul must learn to regulate and harmonize its emotional life. Those needing Chamomile flower essence are subject to very changeable moods and ever fluctuating emotions. Their 'inner weather' is stormy and easily 'clouded' until they shift their consciousness to remember that the sun is always shining serenely behind all the outer phenomena. People needing Chamomile tend to accumulate psychic tension throughout the day, particularly in the stomach region. They will often have difficulty letting go of their emotional stress at night, and thus suffer from insomnia. This is particularly true of children, whose myriad stomach complaints are often emotionally based. Chamomile helps such souls to release tension from the stomach and solar plexus areas, and to harmonize their inner solar forces for greater emotional peace and stability. It subdues the many small emotions which vex the soul life, helping to consolidate these into a more fundamental soul essence of serenity and equanimity.(Flower Essence Repertory, Kaminski and Katz)

What are flower essences?

"Flower essences are subtle liquid extracts, generally taken in oral form, which are used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health" (Flower Essence Repertory, Kaminski and Katz). Our bodies are made of different energetic layers: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, etheric... Flower essences are vibrational remedies, meaning that they affect the subtle layers of our bodies. There is a ripple effect from the higher layers down into all of the layers of the body.

Listen to your intuition when utilizing flower essences. It's not about the amount of the essence you use at once; it's about consistency of use. In general, it is recommended to add 2-4 drops in water, and drink consistently for about two weeks. Your intuition may guide you to incorporate a specific essence for a week, or perhaps longer than two weeks. Allow your inner being to guide you. I will add drops to my water and drink that water all day long, for as long as I feel I need the remedy. I like to also add them to my bath water or sprays.

  • Alchemized & reiki attuned
  • Ingredients: spring water, proprietary chamomile essence, high quality brandy (as a preservative)


Legal: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.