AURA Hypnosis Quantum Healing Session

AURA Hypnosis Quantum Healing Session

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Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.) is a type of past-life regression and quantum healing modality.

    The hypnosis state is also known as the theta brainwave- the same brainwave when we are in deep meditation, driving home on autopilot, watching television, or the liminal state right before we fall asleep.

    Prepare a list of 5-15 questions. Common reasons folks have sessions are:

      • Health- to learn the root cause of an illness or health issue and transform it. Everything including illnesses are energetic in nature first.
      • Heal and clear trauma.
      • Heal and clear ancestral issues.
      • Relationships- to encourage more harmony
      • Life Path- often related to career, creating abundance, purpose
      • Spiritual- feel more connected/embody your higher self. Discover your soul's origin, agreements/contracts
      • Feel clear, relieve anxiety, clear blocks, clear stuck stagnant/negative energy, connect with your guides, balance emotions, support wellbeing, encourage more harmony, expand spiritual gifts, cut negative cords, entity removal, aura repair, heal physical body, balance and open chakras, and so much more

    During your session you will receive energy work, explore a past or future life, receive deep healing during a thorough energetic body scan, and receive even more answers and clarity to your questions directly from your own Higher Self and guides. Your Higher Self, who is already within you, leads, guides, and protects you throughout the session.

    The entire session is 4-5 hours. It is available online through Zoom.

    In-person sessions may be arranged - we are located in Waynesboro, PA. After purchasing, email to schedule the session. Payment plans may also be arranged via email.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. A free clarity call can also be arranged if you would like.

    Your AURA session may be purchased with a discounted follow-up guidance session, or space clearing.