Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing Session

R.A.A.H. Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing Session

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Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing

When we have a strong and clear connection to our Higher Self, we feel empowered because we have access to our own inner guidance and knowing at any time. It is from here that we can truly remember who we are and make choices from this authentic place. All the answers we ever seek are truly found within us. Many folks experience blockages of energy that do not allow a deep enough connection to their Higher Self. During your R.A.A.H. session, these negative energies that have been holding you back from this innate connection are removed. The combination of Sacred Alchemy and Angelic energy work aids in restoring you to your organic state of being. It creates a bridge for you to connect stronger to your Higher Self.

A detailed body scan will be performed on you. A list of what can be healed, with your Higher Self’s permission:

~ Balancing your energies and chakras

~ Cleanse, cut, and/or transmute negative cords

~ Removal of negative implants, hooks, and/or portals

~ Heal energy blockages

~ Auric field repair

~ Heal immunization shot damage

~ Entity removal

~Expand spiritual gifts

~ & more

Illnesses are energy imbalances and blockages that we have created within ourselves. Our body is always talking to us, especially through our symptoms/illnesses.

Examples) Cancer- unexpressed emotions turning into anger. Diabetes- lack of sweetness/love in your life. Arthritis- holding on to something/someone very tightly, not releasing. Throat Disorder- not speaking your truth, fear of speaking out.

A R.A.A.H. can be performed on clients of all ages, all animals, land, or homes.

Examples) Our own children who received immunization shots, our spouses who are not or are partially awakened, our animals who have illnesses, those in hospice to aid their transition, our home we just moved into, and more.

The session will be 90 minutes and held virtually through the Zoom application, or depending on the day and time, in-person sessions may be an option. Because this modality is quantum in nature, the healing is just as powerful virtually, as it is in-person.

Sessions are conducted evenings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, as well as Thursdays and Fridays day & evening time. Timezone is Eastern Standard Time. There may be some weekend times available. After booking your session, please email to with desired days/times.

If you feel you are not quite ready for an A.U.R.A Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session and still need to work on your senses, this service can get you started towards the direction of connecting and opening you up for a future A.U.R.A. Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session.

What do you need to do to prepare for a R.A.A.H. session? Follow this link: 13 Ways to Prepare for a R.A.A.H.