Violet Flower Essence

Violet Flower Essence

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"Positive qualities: Delicate, highly perceptive sensitivity, elevated spiritual perspective; sharing with others while remaining true to oneself
Patterns of Imbalance: Profound shyness, reserve, aloofness, fear of being submerged in groups

The soul forces of the Violet type are highly refined, full of exquisite yet delicate sweetness. Such persons long to share themselves with others, but usually hold back due to a feeling of fragility in group situations, and fear that their sense of Self will be lost or submerged. Such a type often gravitates to a lifestyle or occupation where work is done silently and alone. The Violet personality inwardly feels a great deal of warmth, but he/she appears to be cool and aloof to others; even the body and especially the hands may be moist and cool. Although such persons may find a few others who are able to understand and accept their shyness, they suffer great feelings of loneliness, for they would like to share more of themselves than they actually do. The key to their unfoldment lies in being able to trust the warmth of others. Like the Violet flower, whose essential fragrance cannot be detected until the sun shines upon it and the air wafts it upward, so the Violet type must learn to let its essence flow into others. Violet flower essence helps such souls shift their awareness from fear of losing the Self, to trust that the Self will be warmed and revealed by others, so that their beautiful soul nature may be shared with the world." (Flower Essence Repertory, Kaminski and Katz)

What are flower essences?

"Flower essences are subtle liquid extracts, generally taken in oral form, which are used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health" (Flower Essence Repertory, Kaminski and Katz). Our bodies are made of different energetic layers: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, etheric... Flower essences are vibrational remedies, meaning that they affect the subtle layers of our bodies. There is a ripple effect from the higher layers down into all of the layers of the body.

Listen to your intuition when utilizing flower essences. It's not about the amount of the essence you use at once; it's about consistency of use. In general, it is recommended to add 2-4 drops in water, and drink consistently for about two weeks. Your intuition may guide you to incorporate a specific essence for a week, or perhaps longer than two weeks. Allow your inner being to guide you. I will add drops to my water and drink that water all day long, for as long as I feel I need the remedy. I like to also add them to my bath water or sprays.

  • Alchemized & reiki attuned
  • Ingredients: spring water, proprietary violet essence, high quality brandy (as a preservative)


Legal: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.