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Rose Activation Ceremony


A rose emits the highest frequency among the flowers at 320 hz.


Join us in sacred space to meet the Queen of flowers. Together, we will journey with the different roses: white, pink, and red. Receive their sacred healing, messages, wisdom, and codes.


This will be an intuitive journey for you to meet & experience the roses. There will be guided meditation, opportunities to deepen further & integrate with writing prompts, and share on camera with others. This is a safe, sacred space. 🌹❤️

Friday, July 22

7:30 PM EST

We will meet via Zoom for 1-2 hours. This circle is interactive, meaning we will be sharing with one another with mic/video. Please arrive on time, and let me know if you are to be late or need to cancel.

Please reserve your seat by sending $33 USD to PayPal or Venmo. Please include your email in the note so I can send you our Zoom link and any details.

PayPal: or click link here

Venmo: @sabrina-madsen

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