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Private 1:1 sessions are offered either online via Zoom, in-person at Hagerstown Holistic Wellness (Hagerstown, MD), or in-person at The Zen Den (Waynesboro, PA). Exact addresses are included on the booking page. At this time, Sound Ceremony is offered in-person only.

Private Sound Ceremony for One or a Pair (60 min)

This session includes guided meditation or visualization and a sound bath with crystal singing bowls, drumming, Native American flute, other beautiful sound healing instruments. Each ceremony is unique to your intentions. I will hold space for you to relax, clear energy, embody more of your truth, and connect more deeply with your own inner knowing.

Energy Healing Session (60 min)

Aura healing, cleansing and purifying your energy, releasing blockages, calling your power back, healing trauma, expanding spiritual gifts, balancing your subtle bodies, grounding, and so much more. During this session, you will clear outdated energies and debris to reveal & embody more your own innate radiance. Sessions can also at times include guided meditation or visualization, and sound healing.

Rose Energy Healing & Activation Session (60 min)

A sacred immersion with Mother Rose. Receive the beautiful & unconditionally loving embrace of the sacred Rose. This session includes guided meditation, rose ceremony, and energy healing.

Past-life Regression + Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session
(3.5-5 hrs)

During this session you will be guided to explore a past life and quantum heal yourself. You carry all of your own answers within you and have a natural ability to heal yourself. Bring a list of 5-10 questions that you would like to have answered by your own higher self. More details are included on the booking page below.

Private Sound Ceremony for Group

Enjoy a Sound Ceremony for your birthday, rite of passage, mother's blessing party, or other special gathering.  A sound bath can help us feel more grounded, relaxed, set intentions, connect deeper with our intuition, receive healing, feel lighter & more at ease, relieve anxiety, and so much more. I can travel to your location of choice.

Email to book: EarthAstara@gmail.com

Intuitive Soul Sessions & Mentorship Packages

This session is based on your unique intentions and will work with different tools & techniques based on what medicine is being called for. You can book one session at a time or commit to a mentorship package together for a deeper dive.

What is your intention? Examples:

•Learn energy healing, clearing, & grounding techniques. Learn how to connect more and work with your intuition / gifts / guides / dreams / Akasha. Also very helpful for people who identify as sensitives or empaths who want to learn how to use their sensitivity as a gift, instead of absorbing everyone else's energy, feeling anxious, etc.

•Discover and clear blocks to abundance

•Embody your authentic self

•Clear old patterns & find clarity

Home/Studio/Land Clearing

I will conduct a clearing of the space, and bring in loving, positive, and healing energies. I do this by working with sound, sacred cleansing smoke, loving guides, and channeling healing energies. For spaces located more than 60 miles from Waynesboro, PA, this clearing can be conducted remotely via distance healing.

Free 30-Minute Clarity Call

I am happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have about the services I offer and feel into the best way we can work together.