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Chakra Healing:
A Sound Bath
((Hagerstown, MD))

Join us in sacred space to relax, heal, clear & release energy, and experience an immersion of healing sound. Learn how to tone the mantras of each of our seven major energy centers, or chakras. This is a very practical tool which has many wonderful benefits, and acts as a healing massage for the body, mind, and spirit. After, enjoy a sound bath with crystal singing bowls, drumming, Native American flute, other beautiful sound healing instruments.

Sound healing is a type of vibrational healing that works directly with your cells. The sound vibrations move throughout your body on a deep, cellular level and break up stagnation and toxins. It has been used in ancient cultures all around the world, and has a long list of benefits, some of which include stress reduction, boost immune system function, relieve tension and anxiety, balance mind & emotions, and promote relaxation and overall well-being.​

Tuesday, January 24

at Hagerstown Holistic Wellness

6:45 pm - 8 pm

What To Bring:

-Yourself, as you are.

-There are some yoga mats and blankets in the space available for use, but feel free to bring whatever would make you feel comfortable as we relax and receive sound healing. An eye mask, pillow, extra blanket, etc.


-Journal and pen if you'd like.

-Consider bringing an item you would like charged with your intentions and healing energy from the evening. This can also be an offering to give back to the Earth.

$25 Ticket. Cash at the door or PayPal/Venmo accepted. 

PayPal: or click link here

Venmo: @sabrina-madsen

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