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Pink Lotus flower essence encourages our receptivity to a higher flow of spiritual light energy (prana) into our etheric body (also known as the light body or the breath body). Simultaneously it is supportive of our hearts, emanating unconditional love for self and others. Pink Lotus especially works with our Crown, Heart, and High Heart energy centers. I see it like a bridge or flowing pathway of fine, spiritual energy between these centers.


Made in love.
Ingredients: spring water from the Land of Serpent Mound, pink lotus flower & clear quartz essences, high quality brandy (as a preservative)


This essence is packaged in a 1/2oz glass bottle with dropper.

Pink Lotus {{ Flower Essence }}

  • Legal disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.

    No refunds or exchanges on all apothecary items.

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