Meet Sabrina

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My name is Sabrina Madsen and I am an intuitive energy worker, clear conduit, seer, and activator.


From a very young age, I felt deeply connected to spirit and remember having my extrasensory abilities turned on and wide open. By the time I got older, this was too much to handle so to cope, I shut down. Becoming numb, depressed, and disassociated, my physical health eventually declined and I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Thankfully, there was always a divine plan!

More than 10 years ago now, I was guided on this path to heal myself by reconnecting with and training my intuitive gifts, working with alternative medicine, energy healing modalities, food as medicine, and coming back home to myself. Now I am so passionate about helping other people to connect with their own intuition and embody their true essence. I believe that each of us carry our own answers within and have an innate ability to self-heal.

In private sessions and group containers together, my role is to guide and hold space for you to return home to your own Truth.

May we all continue to become whole, bloom in love, and remember who we are.

Certifications & Trainings:

-Usui Reiki Level I & II (2016/2017)

-Akashic Records Level I (2016)

-Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (2020)

-AURA Hypnosis Healing (2020)

--Usui Reiki Master Teacher (2020)

-Quantum Akashic Alchemy (2020)

-Isis Priestess Certification Mentorship

-Quantum Energy Healing (2020)

-Quantum Alchemy Channeling (2020)

-Life itself.

-My own experience healing myself

naturally from autoimmune disease (multiple sclerosis).

-Ongoing mentorship & training from my teachers.

One thing about me is that I love learning.

I am an artist at heart and enjoy many creative outlets. As a self-taught hoop dancer, I have performed at Power Plant Live in Baltimore, MD in 2016. Wearable art in the form of sacred jewelry is something I love to create. I work with wire, metals, and high quality crystals and stones for my pieces. Often I will see the jewelry in a dream first before I make it in waking life. Several years ago, I ran a business where I designed, sewed, and herbal dyed clothing made from organic textiles. My creations are currently available in my shop: jewelry, plant medicine, art, and more. In my free time, you can find me playing my flute, drums, painting, being in nature, making art, creating sacred ceremony, reading, cooking, and enjoying life with my loved ones.

My relationship with plants is something very close to my heart. It is an honor to offer sacred plant medicines in my shop. Each creation is blessed and charged with specific sound frequencies, prayers, intentions, and healing energy. I use organic and natural ingredients, and many of these plants are grown in my own beloved gardens. Each creation is offered with the permission of the plant spirits.

Earth Astara means Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth is a state of being.

The tools and techniques that I learned along the way to heal myself emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically are what I love to now share with others. Authenticity is my highest value and is woven within my offerings. I love helping others awaken their own inner healer so that they can receive their own answers and guidance. I want you to be able to have that knowing within yourself so that you don't have to search outside of yourself for the answers. I hold space for you and hold a vision for you to do this. I can help guide you to clear your energy field, teach you techniques for clearing old beliefs and anchoring more organic ones, tap into your own inner wisdom & intuitive gifts, and embody your authentic Self.

My work is grounded, yet cosmic. In my offerings, I often weave in sound & healing music, animal and plant spirit medicine, guided meditation and visualization (journeying), dreamwork, elementals... What changed my life the most has been my direct experiences with the divine. Another layer to this is that some of my deepest healing and activation has come from being in my vulnerability and being witnessed by community holding space. I am so passionate about creating sacred, safe, and beautiful spaces and containers for others to experience more of this themselves: for you to connect with and embody your own divinity. You are a sovereign, powerful, uniquely beautiful, creative, and intuitive being. Are you ready to remember now?

In Love,

Sabrina Rae

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