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Hi! I'm Sabrina. I am an artist, energy work practitioner, and intuitive. I love to help people tap into their own truth and intuition. I believe that each of us carry our own answers within and have an innate ability to heal ourselves. I currently offer group and private sound baths, workshops, reiki energy healing sessions, as well as handmade jewelry, pottery, and sacred art. The services I offer are an ever-evolving blend of my own embodied medicine, training and mentoring with teachers, and guided by my soul, mother earth and spirit.

Over 10 years ago, I was guided on this path to heal at the roots and come back home to my authentic self, and now I love to share healing spaces for others to do the same. Part of my story includes healing myself from chronic, "incurable" autoimmune dis-ease (multiple sclerosis), naturally, following my intuition / connection to spirit as my guide. My own connection to spirit has been my anchor in this life. Walking through my health crisis is something that I feel has truly been a profound gift in my life because of its many teachings and healing on many levels. 


I did not receive answers from the outside (western medicine, doctors, etc.). I saw that the options presented to me by the medical system were only potential 'bandaids' to cover up symptoms, with no guaranteed positive outcomes. Everything in my entire being knew that in order to actually heal this, I would have to transform from the roots- physically and energetically (emotionally, mentally, spiritually). Because MS is something that has not been understood by western medicine, I went to the only source I knew I could go to for answers and guidance that I could trust... my connection with spirit. I find spirit in my connection with nature, which has been one of my biggest healers. You can read more about this story here.

When I'm not offering sound healing or private sessions, I'm usually creating something, cherishing my beloved partner of 10 years, loving our dog, being in nature (often barefoot, unless it is snowing!), at pottery class, learning something (I love to learn!), reading, diving into ancestry (British, Scandinavian, French, Irish, Scottish, mostly), traveling, being with horses, napping on the bare Earth, enjoying live music, growing organic medicinal herbs and flowers, learning about ancient pre-patriarchal women's history, thinking about delicious foods, making plant medicine, conversing about nighttime dreams, making cute experiments with the Universe, and overall being a human in these wild times. For the astrology folks- I have a stellium in my fifth house, and so creative expression very much gives me life.

~Blessed be~

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