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You will receive ONE 1/2oz glass bottle with a special blend containing four Rose essences: Red Rose, White Rose, Pink Rose, and Baby Rose. Each of these Roses carry their own unique energetic healing properties and this remedy blends them all, making it multipurpose and all-encompassing.


Properties of each type of Rose~

*RED ROSE: Soul gifts, womb healing, alchemy, magic, deep velvety love, eros, romance, passion, Queendom.

*WHITE ROSE: Purification on all levels, revealing our Truth. Diamond-like clarity.

*PINK ROSE: Sweetness, heart softening, inner child, innocence.

*BABY ROSE: Playful + child-like innocence. Reminding us ever so gently how safe it is to be who we are, and how loved we are by Earth.


Rose is said to be the Queen of flowers. The Rose is sacred to certain ancient mystery traditions in different cultures around the world., representing the Sacred Feminine / Goddess / The Original Mother. Rose initiates us into more unconditional love, strength, compassion, beauty, and is a teacher of healthy boundaries (her thorns). Rose carries the highest frequency of Love among flowers.


Made in love.
Ingredients: spring water from the Land of Serpent Mound, four types of rose flower essences & clear quartz essences, high quality brandy (as a preservative)


This essence is packaged in a 1/2oz glass bottle with dropper.

Roses of Love {{ Flower Essence Blend }}

  • Legal disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.

    No refunds or exchanges on all apothecary items.

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