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Welcome, soul friend.

Hi! My name is Sabrina and I am an artist, energy work practitioner, and intuitive. I love to help people tap into their own truth and intuition. I believe that each of us carry our own answers within and have an innate ability to heal ourselves.

I currently offer group and private sound baths, monthly workshops, different kinds of one-on-one sessions including energy healing, sound healing, intuitive readings, and past-life regression, as well as handmade jewelry, pottery creations, flower essences, and sacred art.

Tap into your intuition, feel at ease, be grounded, release what no longer serves you, and connect with your heart during a relaxing and meditative sound bath, healing session, or workshop.

I am currently offering in-person sound baths, healing workshops, and holistic retreats in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia panhandle, and beyond. Private healing sessions are available within a private studio space in Hagerstown Holistic Wellness in Hagerstown, Maryland (just a short drive from Frederick, MD), as well as online.


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crystal singing bowls, flute, altar, flowers, roses, chimes, sound healing instruments

Private Healing Sessions

available by appointment- online or in-person

Sound Bath ~ Enjoy a meditative sound bath with crystal singing bowls, drumming, native flute, voice, and other relaxing sound healing instruments. Sound as healing medicine has been worked with by humans all around the world since ancient times and beyond. Sound meditation offers a long list of benefits, including stress reduction, relieve tension/pain/brain fog and anxiety/depression, boost immune system function, balance emotions, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and promotes relaxation, better sleep, overall well-being, and harmony. Every sound bath experience is unique.

Energy Healing ~  In these sessions, I hold space for you to come home to your own authentic self. We work together to call home your own authentic energy and clear blockages so that you can feel centered, grounded, and clear. The goal is for you to feel more deeply connected to yourself, tapped into your intuition, empowered in your own sovereignty, and flow with harmony and overall well-being.

Past-life Regression + Healing Session ~ Experience a guided meditative journey to visit a past or future life, and quantum heal yourself. Relax and release what no longer serves you, feel centered and grounded, and embody more of your own authentic energy. You carry all of your own answers within you and have a natural ability to heal yourself.

Common reasons for why one would want to experience this session:

  • Health- to learn the root cause of an illness or health issue and transform it

  • Understand the root causes of physical illness & dis-ease

  • Heal trauma from this life and others

  • Heal ancestral issues

  • Understand relationships

  • Life Path- often related to career, creating abundance, purpose

  • Heal and clear blockages

  • Expand spiritual gifts

  • Receive clarity on life purpose

  • Feel grounded & centered

  • Soul retrieval

  • Deepen spiritual connection

  • and more

Intuitive Reading & Energy Clearing ~  In this session, we will explore the current energies that are coming up for you. You will leave feeling more clear and embodied in your truth, home your own authentic energy, centered, grounded, on purpose, clear, and tapped into your intuition and power. As well as an intuitive reading, experience energy work that will empower your intention, whether that is support with birthing a new creation that you want to manifest, stepping into a new timeline or higher / more embodied version of yourself, and more.

Book a sound bath or workshop for your special group!

Perfect for many gatherings:

  • retreats

  • wellness or holistic event

  • birthday

  • rite of passage

  • mother's blessing / baby shower

  • anniversary

  • wedding celebration

  • bridal shower

  • office team experience

  • educational presentations

  • just because, and more!

"I've had the privilege of hosting Sabrina for several private sound baths at our home. She is highly intuitive which makes her beautiful sound work customized to your group. Everyone that has came to share this experience with us has shared really amazing experiences.  Hosting a private session allows for an entire new level of comfort that I feel enhances the experience.  I've also found that when you are in a more intimate setting that we tend to share more with each other.  Highly recommend!" -Jessica

"I had an intuitive soul session with Sabrina, and I’m so thankful for that experience. She is such a wonderful guide and the way that she holds space reminds me that I can trust my inner authority as well. I entered the session emotional and lost and left with clarity and confidence in my path. I’ve also attended a few of her rose ceremonies, and those have always been a beautiful experience. I would definitely recommend Sabrina’s services to anyone looking to connect deeper with themselves or their community!" -Alexandra

"Loved my sound bath with you, very relaxing. That stayed with me for days." -Kate

"Exactly what my soul needed. Sabrina is amazing and made us immediately feel welcome and comfortable in the shared space. I wept the entire time and felt nothing but strong positive vibrations. Thank you! Can’t wait to come back again soon." -Shannon

"My session with Sabrina was incredible! I’ve never done something like this before and was a little nervous going into it. I also have a hard time being able to turn my brain off at all, so I really wasn’t sure if I would actually be able to submit to the experience and get anything out of it. Sabrina explained from the beginning what to expect and made me feel so comfortable. She also gave me tips for allowing myself to fully be in the moment and it actually worked! It’s hard to find the words to describe my experience but ultimately my higher self did reveal herself to me and it one of the most empowering moments I have ever experienced. Since then, I feel the intentions that were set have really started opening my eyes to what I needed and I’m anxious to see where this continues to take me. I recommend this experience to anyone but even more so, I recommend Sabrina to guide you through it! She’s awesome!"


"Highly recommended! Sabrina is very gifted!! It was my first sound ceremony and I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to try to make it to every one she has. I love feeling so connected to the frequencies of the universe and my my own body & soul." -Lindsey

"Just wanted to reiterate, the session was beautiful and enlightening. Love that I've been able to share the experiences with my faves and it's been so great for my mom; she really struggles to relax and both times she's verbalized feeling more relaxed than ever following the sessions! Big Love to you!" -Tara

"Thank you for the a beautiful and healing sound bath ceremony. Just what I needed. I highly recommend Earth Astara!" -Sherry

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