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Energy healing sessions, handmade jewelry infused with reiki lovelight and sacred alchemy, original artwork, +more

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Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing

The combination of the Sacred Alchemy symbols and Angelic energy work creates a bridge for you to connect stronger to your Higher Self. A detailed body scan will be performed on you. With your Higher Self's permission, negative energies will be removed from you, thus aiding you restoring to your organic state of being.

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Handmade Crystal Jewelry

Always infused with reiki lovelight and sacred alchemy. Inspired by past lives in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt.

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Intuitive Guidance Sessions

I see you as your whole self, AKA your Higher Self. I hold the vision of you where you are already healed. In this manner, I hold space for you to heal yourself. Each session is unique to your own soul's needs.

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Original Artwork

Sacred geometry infused original paintings and prints.

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My new favorite earrings! These beauties are perfectly crafted, sweet, and clearly made with love.

They are magical. I can wear them everyday: perfect to spruce up a casual day, and fancy enough to add to formalwear.

I have sensitive skin but these don’t irritate my ears one bit. The quality is delightful!

The packaging was a warm & floral welcome to a new energy which is amplified through the Herkimer diamond.

I would highly recommend this seller, these one of a kind pieces bring such Light into the world.

Thank you EarthAstara for sharing your heARTwork 💕💫🌸


My R.A.A.H session with Sabrina was incredible! I’ve never done something like this before and was a little nervous going into it. I also have a hard time being able to turn my brain off at all, so I really wasn’t sure if I would actually be able to submit to the experience and get anything out of it. Sabrina explained from the beginning what to expect and made me feel so comfortable. She also gave me tips for allowing myself to fully be in the moment and it actually worked! It’s hard to find the words to describe my experience but ultimately my higher self did reveal herself to me and it one of the most empowering moments I have ever experienced. Since then, I feel the intentions that were set have really started opening my eyes to what I needed and I’m anxious to see where this continues to take me. I recommend this experience to anyone but even more so, I recommend Sabrina to guide you through it! She’s awesome!