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Handmade Crystal Jewelry

Past Creations:

Check out ready-to-ship jewelry in my shop, or inquire via email about a custom order.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I place a custom jewelry order?
Send me an email at

What kind of custom orders do you take?
I offer different kinds of pieces-- mostly special necklaces and earrings, also headpieces and anklets. Many folks have asked me to intuitively create or channel a special piece just for them, but some come to me with a specific idea or stones in mind. Pieces can be large or on the smaller/minimal side. Tell me what metal you would like (sterling silver, gold filled, solid gold, etc.), any stones + colors + intentions +ideas that you have in mind (not required), and your budget.
I have a signature necklace called the Heart Portal (example photo above-- the necklace laying inside the box), which I am able to create it with metal / colors / crystals of your choosing.

Will you make a special piece for my wedding/birthday/etc.?
Yes! I have made jewelry for bridal parties, commemorations, rites of passage, special intentions, just because, and more.

Shipping ?
I ship with USPS. Your choice of priority mail shipping or first-class.


"Wonderful! All I have to do is take this necklace out of its box to immediately feel the activation of my heart and crown chakras. It is beautifully evident how much care and loving intent was put into its creation, from the high vibration of the crystal, to the intricate and masterful details of the wiring, to the lovely herbally perfumed packaging. I felt more connected to my angel guides the moment I put it on for the first time, as I had been struggling with the clasp but was able to fit it in effortlessly the moment I asked for my hands to be guided to do so. I feel such gratitude that I was guided to make this purchase"


Custom piece. High quality Ethiopian opals, pink kunzite, and clear quartz.

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