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Breathwork &
Sound Bath Journey
(( Middletown, MD ))

Join us for a transformative afternoon in a cozy geodesic dome in nature to reconnect with your true authentic self. We will start with breathwork and end with a sound bath. The type of breathwork we will practice is called conscious connected circular breathing. It is practiced for emotional processing, stress release, trauma release, and to help break-up physical tension stored in the body (chronic pain). It is important to be aware that it can bring the practitioner to an inner journey and sometimes a non-ordinary state of consciousness which can cause emotions in the body to surface. It is a tool that can help individuals tap into their own inner healing intelligence, self-awareness, uncover and dislodge old patterns and beliefs, and release emotions that are stuck in the mind and body. Each person’s experience is unique and unfolds on its own.

After the breathwork we will gently transition into a meditative sound bath and immerse ourselves in the sound vibrations of crystal singing bowls, drumming, Native American flute, intuitive singing, and other beautiful sound healing instruments. A sound bath is like a vibrational massage for the body, mind, and spirit.

Breathwork and sound healing combine well together to create a unique healing experience with a deep integration of the medicine of both modalities. Prepare to feel something new and different. You might walk away being more conscious of the new possibilities available to you with each breath you take.

Sunday, April 21

1 pm

in The Dome at The Reed Center

1932b Mountain Church Rd, Middletown, MD

(plentiful parking just a very short walk to the Dome)


We will meet for about 2.5 hours.

What to Bring:

-Blanket (optional)


-Journal & pen (we have extra paper if you forget)

-Snacks (optional)

-We highly recommend not eating too much beforehand. It is difficult to do breathwork on a full stomach.

Spaces are limited to just 8 people. Pre-registration and payment required in advance.

Tickets are $60. No refunds for cancellations after 4/14. Thank you for understanding!

To register, email and send ticket payment with your email address in the notes to Venmo or PayPal below:

PayPal: (please send via 'friends & family')

Venmo: @sabrina-madsen

Meet your facilitators:


Sabrina is an artist, energy work practitioner, and intuitive. She loves to help people tap into their intuition and power. Sabrina believes that each of us carry our own answers within and have an innate ability to heal ourselves. She currently offers group and private sound baths, workshops, different kinds of one-on-one healing sessions including energy healing and past-life regression, as well as handmade jewelry, and sacred art. The services she offers are an ever-evolving blend of my own embodied medicine, training and mentoring with teachers, and guided by her soul, mother earth and spirit.


Kelly Berkley, founder of BreathTide, is a passionate breathwork facilitator who discovered the transformative power of breath in her personal healing journey. Her initial interest in breathwork was sparked by her struggle with asthma, which left her unable to take full inhalations. 


Driven by her desire to find relief from her asthma symptoms, Kelly immersed herself in learning about breathwork. She studied Coordinated Breathing, Buteyko, and pranayama which were all very valuable. Eventually her journey led her to conscious connected circular breathing. She soon discovered that the root of her asthma was actually emotional tension from childhood stored in her chest and diaphragm, which she was able to release and heal through the practice. She had discovered that breathwork offered much more than just relief from her asthma; it held the potential to heal on both physiological and psychological levels. 


Since 2016, she has spent time practicing and studying breathwork and yoga in Bali, Costa Rica, and the US. Eventually she decided to formalize her study and received her “Body of Breath” breathwork facilitator certification (focusing on conscious connected circular breathing), and is currently involved in a multi-years long mentorship and training program with her teacher. Kelly is also certified in pranayama and received her yoga teacher training through an in-person month-long immersive training program in Uvita, Costa Rica at Bienestar Yoga.

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