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Handmade Jewelry
Made with Love

Here, you will find our handmade crystal jewelry, organic apothecary, and artwork.

"Ever since I was a young child, I have been making jewelry-- over 20 years! It is one of my absolute favorite art forms. As a young kid, my jewelry designs were deeply inspired by Sailor Moon, elf jewelry seen in Lord of the Rings, fantasy books, dreams, Nature, and what I now understand to be ancient memories. Jewelry is often shown to me first in Dreamtime. I enjoy working with high quality natural materials, creating every piece by hand. "

- Sabrina, Jewelry Artist




Photo: Sabrina is wearing a custom headpiece made with gold, seraphinite, moldavite, and Herkimer diamond, as well as a gold necklace adorned with exquisite Mexican fire opal, and another necklace with sugilite.


Emily's testimonial with her Earth Astara Jewelry piece:

"Wonderful! All I have to do is take this necklace out of its box to immediately feel the activation of my heart and crown chakras. It is beautifully evident how much care and loving intent was put into its creation, from the high vibration of the crystal, to the intricate and masterful details of the wiring, to the lovely herbally perfumed packaging. I felt more connected to my angel guides the moment I put it on for the first time, as I had been struggling with the clasp but was able to fit it in effortlessly the moment I asked for my hands to be guided to do so. I feel such gratitude that I was guided to make this purchase"

-Emily J.


Custom jewelry orders are currently open.

Order a custom piece created intuitively just for you / specific intention.

Feel free to collaborate with Sabrina where she will work with your ideas and desired stones to create a special adornment for you or a loved one. Sabrina loves to create necklaces, headpieces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings. Choice of metals are almost endless, from sterling silver to solid gold.

Just like stones and crystals, different types of metals have certain metaphysical healing properties to them. A few examples:

~Silver- yin or "feminine" (not gender-feminine energetics), reflective, flowing

~Gold- yang or "masculine" (not gender- masculine energetics), associated with the Sun, literally holds light within it

~Rose gold is a combination of copper and gold: copper is an amplifier of energy, and some of the healing properties of gold were mentioned above

~Many more metal types are available at different price points. These are just a few examples.


To order, please email Sabrina at to inquire.

Examples of Earth Astara Jewelry Creations:


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