I had an intuitive soul session with Sabrina, and I’m so thankful for that experience. She is such a wonderful guide and the way that she holds space reminds me that I can trust my inner authority as well. I entered the session emotional and lost and left with clarity and confidence in my path. I’ve also attended a few of her rose ceremonies, and those have always been a beautiful experience. I would definitely recommend Sabrina’s services to anyone looking to connect deeper with themselves or their community!

~ Alexandra G.

Exactly what my soul needed. Sabrina is amazing and made us immediately feel welcome and comfortable in the shared space. I wept the entire time and felt nothing but strong positive vibrations. Thank you! Can’t wait to come back again soon.

~Shannon S.

Highly recommended! Sabrina is very gifted!! It was my first sound ceremony and I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to try to make it to every one she has. I love feeling so connected to the frequencies of the universe and my my own body & soul

~Lindsey C.

Thank you for the a beautiful and healing sound bath ceremony. Just what I needed. I highly recommend Earth Astara!

~Sherry S.

Hey Sabrina, I wanted to thank you for hosting such a special space last night. It had all the feels and I am very grateful to have been a part of it. I left with such grounded energy. ♥️ Also, my necklace and heart oil I ordered from your Etsy shop came today and I am loving them both.

You seriously have a heart of gold and are making an impact on this community. Keep shining and sharing those gifts!♥️

~Casey H.

Wonderful! All I have to do is take this necklace out of its box to immediately feel the activation of my heart and crown chakras. It is beautifully evident how much care and loving intent was put into its creation, from the high vibration of the crystal, to the intricate and masterful details of the wiring, to the lovely herbally perfumed packaging. I felt more connected to my angel guides the moment I put it on for the first time, as I had been struggling with the clasp but was able to fit it in effortlessly the moment I asked for my hands to be guided to do so. I feel such gratitude that I was guided to make this purchase.

~Emily J.

I booked a AURA session with Sabrina back in May and now I’m back for a RAAH Reiki tuneup in Sept! She is a key part of my healing team. Not only did she help me clear some of my Lemurian timeline last May, this time she helped clear some of my Atlantean timeline, dark cords, contacts and contracts.  The sound healing she gives is beautiful and mesmerizing. She also gave me a ton of much needed advice. Even as healer such a myself; needs healing sometimes. I can not recommend Sabrina enough!! Honor and respect to this powerhouse divine soul!

~Tonya D.

The moment I set my eyes on this most beautiful piece! I knew I needed to have it. The energy emanated through my phone. Spoke to me! It has become a piece that I often wear during my sessions with my personal clients. Sister Sabrina, thank you so much for your upmost self discipline you keep to be the clearest channel for all your spectacular creations and in ALL YOUR SERVICES! I highly recommend you to All in every service you are to provide. Sending you Illuminated Blessings Sister

~Mirian K.

Sabrina's services are divine. The crystal wand has so much love energy and wisdom. I felt safe making the purchase because I feel the care that is put into each product. During my first group R.A.A.H. session with her, she created a soothing and comfortable container. I was able to dive into a part of myself that I had not even known existed. I purchased a clear quartz and rainbow moonstone necklace from her. This purchase is so special because this was the first time a Crystal spoke to me telepathically and, I received so much love and guidance from it. Thank you love

~Alyssa D.

Excellent! Thank you the most Amazing akashic reading and creating the most beautiful crystal necklace!!

~Marilyn K.