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Womb Wisdom
((Hagerstown, MD))

Join us in sacred space as we honor and tap into our creative power center – the womb. In this women-only workshop, we will be guided to the womb's wisdom, connect in community, share, heal, and embody more of our own authentic selves. Different practices will be woven into our time together such as guided meditation, energy self-healing, discussion, journal writing, and more. When women gather, magic happens.

Saturday, May 18
1pm (1.5 - 2 hours)

*this workshop is cancelled! check back for a reschedule in the future*

at Unity Hagerstown

18313 Lappans Rd, Boonsboro, MD

Please consider arriving a little early (5-10 minutes) to settle in and get comfortable. We will begin promptly at 1pm. Thank you!

What To Bring:

-Yourself, as you are.

-There are some chairs in the space available for use, but feel free to bring whatever would make you feel comfortable as we gather. (Cushion or yoga mat if you want to sit on the floor, blanket, fuzzy socks, etc.)


-Journal and pen

-Optional: Consider bringing an item you would like charged with your intentions and healing energy from the evening. This can also be an offering to give back to the Earth (a few examples: a flower, bowl of water, crystal).

Note: If you had your womb/ovaries removed surgically, you can still tap into the wisdom of your womb space. The energetic blueprint still remains. <3

Tickets are $40. Pre-register here to claim your spot, or cash is accepted at the door.

*this workshop is cancelled! check back for a reschedule in the future*

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