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Earth Astara

'Earth Astara' means 'Heaven on Earth.'

Bringing Heaven down to Earth. Being a bridge between both worlds.

Experiencing heaven or paradise (a state of being) here on Earth now, in our bodies.


To Sabrina, being a bridge between Earth and the cosmos, means we have access to our infinite Spirit, more of our True, multidimensional Self and natural gifts, in a grounded, here and now, present way. We remember ourselves as interconnected with all of Life. We harmonize with Nature. We become a vessel for love and miracles to flow through us. The vibration of Love amplifies, and the planet heals.

Sabrina is an energy work practitioner, artist, healer, and clear channel. Over 10 years ago, she was guided on this path to heal at the roots and come back home to her authentic self. The services she offers are an ever-evolving blend of her own embodied medicine & lived experience, mentorships & training with her teachers, and guided by her heart, Mother Earth and Spirit. Sabrina also creates handmade crystal and stone jewelry, paintings, art, as well as grows and creates organic plant & flower medicines for the body, mind, and spirit.


Sabrina loves to help people embody their true essence, and tap into their own intuition and True power. She believes that each of us carry our own answers within and have an innate ability to self-heal.

what we do (services with brief descriptions linking to more detailed info on your other pages)

Sabrina currently offers public and private sound baths, circles, and workshops, as well as different kinds of private healing sessions.

Private healing sessions are available for 1:1 and couples including:

  • sound bath journeys

  • energy healing

  • guided intuitive & meditative journeying

  • and more


Private healing sessions are available by appointment, in person or online. To book, please click here or go to

Book a Private Sound Bath or Workshop for your special group! 

Your special sound bath is perfect for many gatherings:

  • birthday

  • retreats

  • rite of passage

  • mother's blessing / baby shower

  • anniversary

  • wedding celebration

  • bridal shower

  • office team experience

  • wellness or holistic event

  • educational presentations

  • just because

  • and more

Workshops are also available for booking: guided energy healing, women's circle, past-life regression, plant spirit healing, and more.

"I've had the privilege of hosting Sabrina for several private sound baths at our home. She is highly intuitive which makes her beautiful sound work customized to your group. Everyone that has came to share this experience with us has shared really amazing experiences.  Hosting a private session allows for an entire new level of comfort that I feel enhances the experience.  I've also found that when you are in a more intimate setting that we tend to share more with each other.  Highly recommend!"

~ Jessica

To inquire, please click here to fill out the form or email

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Idk. Region of blank land. teenagers, preteens and adult clients. in person, able to travel for events to xyz. Online community presence for women's circles, activations, classes and more.

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Events, private healing sessions for 1:1 and couples, or book a private sound bath or workshop. Click here here and here.


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Sabrina offers public sound baths and various healing workshops in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Check out the 'Events' tab on this website to view upcoming events. Sign up for the newsletter to receive news of upcoming events. Connect on social media, Instagram and Facebook.


Private healing sessions are available in person at Hagerstown Holistic Wellness in Hagerstown, MD in a private treatment space. Most services are also available for booking online via Zoom call/video. To book, go bobbityboo.

how far do you travel for events/services).

She is available for private sound baths, workshops, retreats, and circles in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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