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Definition of Success + Resting

One of my teachers would talk about how important it is to define what success means to you. So often we can have an idea of success that we are reaching for, but does it really serve us? Culture might teach us that success means material wealth and accomplishments, for example, but is that truly what will make us happy at the end of it all?

She would say that for her, one of her definitions of success meant that she could take naps whenever she wanted.

Thinking about this today while I continue to deprogram myself from grind and hustle culture. She would always recommend to also continually update your own definition of success as you grow, evolve, and change.

We can get so caught up in chasing “success” — what does that actually mean? So many millionaires and other highly “successful” people get to the point of reaching immense material wealth and status, yet are so unhappy on the inside. I watch people I love be so tied to accomplishments that they hardly have a minute of time for their relationships that mean the most to them.

Thinking about it again today, I think part of my own definition of success includes how much time I have for pure play and rest, as well as doing what I love for my service — meaning, doing what is most easeful, and fun for me in a way that helps others and fulfills my heart and soul. Not trying really hard, or doing doing doing.

My other teacher, friend and mentor recommended to me the book, ‘Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto’ by Tricia Hersey and I am so excited to read it. Just reading the sample of it on Amazon gave me goosebumps and released a lot of tension that I did not realize I was holding.

My fiance and I have had many conversations about releasing capitalism out of our bodies— that perpetual feeling of doing tied to our productivity, and its ill effects on human wellbeing.

Thoughts today. <3

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