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Virgo New Moon: Current Moon Cycle Themes

What is your soul up to this cycle???

I am excited to share something new each moon/month (which by the way, the words 'moon' and 'month' both derive from the same root meaning)… the themes, as I See them. Below are themes I received for this current moon cycle that just began (the new moon was 9/14 or 9/15 depending where you live).

Current Moon Cycle Themes:

🌙 RESPONSIBILITY~ Be impeccable. Practice what you preach— we are all preaching something!!!! Consciously or unconsciously. What are you currently ‘preaching’ or broadcasting to the universe? What is your energy emitting? We are *powerful* creator beings. With great power, comes great responsibility. Honesty: being honest with and to ourselves first. What is here for us to explore? Where do we need to be honest with ourselves? Boundaries?

🌙 LOVE EMBODIED~ A *practice.* A practical way to vibrate love from within is to practice meditating on being in an Ocean of Unconditional Love. What does love-embodied mean to you? What would change if you embodied 10% more love? What does it feel like to embody real love?

🌙 EMPOWERMENT & SOVEREIGNTY~ Building on the themes from last moon cycle. Clean + clear aura (energy field). Owning our power. What does 'owning your power' mean to you? What does that feel like in your body? Who would you be if you owned more of your power?

🌙 ‘I AM A MAGNET’ ~ We are always magnetizing something, okay? We can consciously CHOOSE what we want to magnetize into our lives, into our fields. Is it more lack or abundance?

The new moon is the dark moon, so it is the beginning of a new 28-29 day cycle. During the new moon, I am usually bleeding. In this space, I try to take extra care/time for BEing, letting go, being quiet, resting, noticing, releasing... From this quiet receptive place, themes come for the next cycle arise and I write them down.

During the month/moon, I notice my night dreams unfold in a pattern relative to the themes I receive at the time of the new moon. This information helps me to interpret the wealth of messages and guidance available for me from within my dreams. Also journaling on what each theme means to you can also be really helpful and a nice check-in or exploration.

Check in with yourself if any of these themes feel resonate for you right now. If they do not, then compost them!

In love,


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