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A love note.

the thing is,

if you are just starting out with something that you are creating or taking action on, such as a vision, calling, or idea…

don’t wait for approval or validation from other people around you to see your vision, too.

we can’t expect other people to validate our visions / callings before we go for it. people are going to people! it’s not a judgement. it’s just that YOU are the one who received the vision

having the courage and faith, I believe, is part of the initiation. you are going to learn so much along the way, and you are going to build confidence and trust in your own intuitive compass as you journey on your path.

just because other people can’t or won’t see it, especially when you are first starting out, doesn’t mean that it is not meant to be.

it just means creating your vision // bringing something to life // answering your heart’s calling is your own business to mind.

if you want validation or approval before you get started, ask your own heart for it.

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