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I used to feel really weird about calling reiki, reiki.

I used to feel really weird about calling reiki, reiki.

I didn’t like talking about it for fear that other people would think it was something that it is not. I grew up in a religious household and so I know some of the myths about reiki healing or reiki sessions— that it is some other weird or scary energy. That it is something other than the energy of the universe/the creator… this is not true.

(( This is not to say that you shouldn’t be discerning in who you book a session with — not saying that at all. But that’s not what this post is about. ))

What is reiki? ‘Rei’ meaning ‘universal,’ and ‘ki’ meaning ‘life force energy.’ Reiki is an energy system originating from Japan. It promotes balance and wellness across the physical, mental, and emotional layers of our energy fields. It can help reduce stress, alleviate pain, balance mind/body/spirit, enhance the body’s natural self-healing abilities, release/transform negativity, and so much more.

Fun fact: Originally, Reiki was actually not for healing others— but to be practiced as a spiritual path for enlightenment. ! Being able to assist others was like a cherry on top, and something that could be shared.

My training is in western Usui Reiki levels I and II (2016 and 2017), as well as original Japanese Reiki (sometimes referred to as Usui Teate) levels I, II, and Master Shinpiden (2021).

Reiki was the first energy healing system that I was introduced to and trained in. I love to practice it! To me, reiki is intelligent, pure source, universal life force energy. The organic energy that permeates all things. Walk outside and head to the forest, breathe reiki in. It’s all around and within.

I’m offering 1:1 reiki healing sessions (and private sound baths!) right now in person at Hagerstown Holistic Wellness in Hagerstown, MD. You can book a 60-min session, or purchase a package of 3 sessions for a discounted rate.

Have you ever had a reiki session before? What did you think?

Photos: private treatment room at Hagerstown Holistic Wellness.

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