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New Timeline

for the last few months we have been integrating all of the changes taking place. like the garden right now~ not much appears to be happening on the surface, yet underneath, the root systems are growing and have been building strong foundations all along. seeds have been planted and are responding.

dreams last night and the new buds forming speak of the new timeline. it’s here.

for some, we may have been feeling slower, more inward, in integration and healing. or maybe a little unsure as we have been noticing new awarenesses and insights, but haven’t felt it yet *anchored* within (embodied). it’s here. it’s time.

waking up with a shift today, hearing the message that it is time to make choices that support the new timeline. keep the headspace clear and focused. you are strong and confident, and able to make positive choices for yourself and your life. make an outward change today, be it an action step or even a ritual. as simple as lighting a candle with your intention.

feels like forward, ‘go’ energy to me today.

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