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New Year's Inspiration

I actually resonate with there being "new year's time" about three times a year.

-My birthday / winter solstice time. Rebirth!

-Aries season, around March 21. Aries is the first sign or archetype of the zodiac wheel.

-Samhain time at the end of October. The first major fire festival of the Celtic year. This helps me feel connected with my own, deep ancestral roots.

Whatever you celebrate, I pray you are feeling rejuvenated! There is so much energy coming through right now in the form of visions and ideas for what we are going to create with our lives in the future. What have your dreams been like lately? What new things or visions are you getting a taste for at this time?

One of my first teachers introduced to me this idea below to incorporate at the New Year's time we're all familiar with-- January 1st.

Instead of coming up with a resolution or list of 'goals,' often from Mind, I love to ask my inner being // heart to give me a word for the year. I love this sweet form of spirit communication with my own intuition, and it blows me away every year. Sometimes it has even surprised me, and it always helps me to understand a little more the events/energy of the year to come. It has absolutely helped me surrender to the flow of This Beautiful Life.

I like to get comfortable, relax, allow my mind to settle and clear... then I ask my higher self / intuition / heart to show me the word for the year! Allow it to bubble up from within. Listen for that quiet voice of our spirits... Make the experience as ceremonial as you would like.

What is your word for this year?

Here are some of my favorites that I remember coming through over the years:

2017- ‘Acceptance.’ One and a half months later I faced a major health crisis. That year blew my mind. Acceptance became a soothing mantra that year. It helped me transform suffering & pain.

2018- ‘Surrender.’ Lots of changes that year.

2022- ‘Prosper.’ I loved this one. What a teacher & initiation it has been! I remember being very surprised when this word came through. I love that it came purposefully in verb form, not the noun.

In Love,


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