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Truth & Discernment

As spirituality continues to become more mainstream and even trendy, please be discerning with what you connect yourself to.

Multiple people can be using the same words, sharing similar things, and yet they are not talking about the same thing. Practice your Truth detector, bullshit detector. Just because someone knows all the spiritual concepts, doesn’t mean it’s actually been brought down into their bodies and made real, practiced, and embodied. No judgement either. It’s just time to protect our energy, hearts, and service/sacred path.

Sometimes we are also initiated on our spiritual path by learning about what the Truth is by experiencing first hand what it is not.

Learn, forgive, grow. Clear what is time to fall away. Bring in more of your own Truth.

One of the many reasons I am so excited to be offering group energy healings (starting next week!) is because the tools I will be sharing have profoundly impacted my own life. One of the things I am holding space for in these spaces is for us to be aligned/plugged in with our True selves, authenticity, divine nature etc, whatever you want to call it.

So many of us especially sensitive, empathetic beings walk around not even knowing what our own energy actually feels like. We can become so clogged up with other people’s stuff, societal programming, etc that we of course can’t even hear our own Truth — because there are so many other voices, other energies, other people’s opinions, manipulation, etc. We aren’t victims to this— we get to learn new ways of being and practice empowered & sovereign ways of running our own authentic True energy.

The techniques I will share are ones you can work with every day. Anyone can learn them. They are universal, accessible, and can be integrated into daily life (if you’d like) as medicine

I find when I clear out the noise— what other people want from me, patterns passed down through the family, matrix/societal programs, other people’s opinions, etc… I can actually hear my own Truth and walk in alignment with the path that is most authentic to me. Where I am free. That’s what this is about. Freedom. Joy. Being connected to our soul’s calling.

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