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Accelerated Growth, Expansion, and Transformation

The last several weeks, activates big transformation, especially with the equinox on March 20th. Like a snake, we have shed our skins. This most recent phase has been huge for many of us.

It is like we have now expanded into our new skins. I see a large shell/skin, much bigger than what we are used to, as we are now taking up more space. We are ready to be more of who we truly are, and yet, the passage through this recent gateway is so accelerated, that we might need a minute to become comfortable, and almost 'catch up' inside of this Brand New 'skin,' timeline, reality or way of being.

If you are in that place right now where maybe it is feeling super uncomfortable, the remedies I have been shown to work with the most have been Humor, Vitality, and Sound.

As we are expanded big time, you might notice that there is some extra space in your new skin— during this ‘catch-up’ period. Take care of yourself. Breathe your energy back down out of your head and into your heart space. Now that you have the space for it, call in and bring down more of your own authentic spiritual energy that you are ready to embody more of, more resonate & expanded aspects of you. Bring up healing vitalities from Mother Earth, and down from the cosmos to support your bodies on all levels: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Ask your angels / the elementals / guides to help you bring in more of your own energy to fill in the space, to help you grow into it with more EASE, FLOW, SWEETNESS, and GRACE.

It’s time to transform!

Surrender. Release what needs to go.

Let it washhhh. Purify.

Breathe in more of your Light.

Be filled up with more of Who You Are.

Speak out and articulate your prayers and intentions. When we use our voice in this way, we bring etheric matter instantly into creation. The ancients recognized the healing powers of Sacred Sound.

I have also been working with tuning forks this week, and certain healing sound frequencies (you can find them on YouTube or Spotify). In lieu of tuning forks, remember that our own VOICES may be worked with as tuning forks! Read more here about working with the voice.

Blessed transformations for All.

In Love,


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